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Social Projects

The Vijiji Foundation

Our social projects are managed and directed by The Vijiji Foundation, a registered non-profit organization we founded in 2013 (Registration: NGO-6497).

Our mission is to improve the lives of our people through a variety of community-driven initiatives that create lasting change.


Our Current Project: Moivaro Primary School

Moivaro Primary School is a government-funded school where nearly 1,000 children from the surrounding villages attend Grades 1 to 7. In fact, a number of The Vijiji Center staff attended Moivaro, and one of our fathers taught there for 50 years. The school also has a program for approximately 50 special needs children.

The Vijiji Foundation started working with Moivaro over a year ago to:

  • Plant vegetable gardens for the school lunch program and to teach the children about bio-intensive and organic farming practices;
  • Paint and refurbish the classrooms;
  • Build new washrooms to replace the existing facilities that lack running water and are nearly 40 years old.
working classroom

Future plans at Moivaro Primary School

  • Providing electricity to the school.
  • Constructing a kitchen, lunchroom, and a small granary so that all children can have a hot lunch (currently less than 200 children can afford to have lunch).
  • Constructing a washroom for the physically disabled children.
  • Purchasing wheelchairs and other necessary equipment for the special needs students.

By staying with us at The Vijiji Center, you are helping us to create positive change in our community. Asante sana!


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